Delicious sweets make people smile. Seeing our customers smile like this is our greatest joy.
To provide our customers with not only deliciousness but also peace of mind, we create our sweets with meticulous care, starting with the careful selection of ingredients. We seek out the finest ingredients for our sweets from around the country focusing on the abundant blessings of the local Saiki area.
We also make continuous efforts to learn the latest techniques to always deliver new excitement to our customers. Every day we line up our freshly-made products in our store based on our philosophy and desire to serve our customers truly quality products in the finest condition. We don’t cut any corners in our ingredients or our work. We hope to continue to spread more smiles with upstanding Umeda’s confectioneries.

 At Umeda Sweets Factory we create an original in-house “ginjo-an bean jam”. These days there are very few companies that make their own bean jam, but at Umeda we only use our freshly-made jam.

A feature of this bean jam is that it is “kawahagi-an,” which has all of the bean skins peeled in the manufacturing process. We spare no effort in making this specially-made bean jam, giving it a faint grey color, light and gentle taste, and a refined flavor with no bitterness. At Umeda we call this bean jam “ginjo-an” in reference to rice polishing in Japanese sake brewing.

 A bite-sized steamed yeast bun in five flavors letting you fully enjoy Umeda’s specialty ginjo-an bean jam.

A superb steamed yeast bun containing lots of our secret-recipe bean paste made by slowly boiling Hokkaido adzuki beans. It has Oita miso kneaded into the dough. An exceptional flavor with the faint aroma of miso. Umeda’s specially-made ginjo-an bean jam wrapped in a brown sugar bun with a rich flavor. White ginjo-an bean jam made from skinless white adzuki beans and a combination of inbicha tea and matcha. A Western style yeast bun with cream cheese wrapped in a sweet potato dough made from a blend of beniazuma potatoes and beniharuka potatoes produced in Saiki.

 A milk yeast bun with a captivating texture that is moist and soft in your mouth. Inside is our in-house bean jam made with the finest domestic common beans along with lots of butter and cream to create a specialty luxurious filling.

 Made with 100% highest-grade Hokkaido adzuki beans. Our carefully-made, richly flavorful bean paste wrapped in a soft mochi bun, sandwiched between moist specialty rice cookies.
A famous Japanese style sweet made based on the name of Warabino, a place in Yayoi in Saiki city.

 Fresh chestnuts produced in Ume in Saiki city wrapped in an outer skin made by mixing nerikiri dough with Umeda’s specialty ginjo-an bean jam. An excellent seasonal sweet that lets you fully enjoy the deliciousness of chestnuts.

 The “History and Literature Road,” a famous sightseeing spot in Saiki, is a road with beautiful white plaster walls selected as one of Japan’s top 100 roads. This milk yeast bun has a gentle flavor to evoke the quiet road and its vestiges of the old days.

 A new famous sweet created in collaboration by volunteers in the Saiki City Confectionery Association, a strawberry brownie using lots of strawberries produced in Saiki. A fluffy baked sweet with a soft texture and white chocolate mixed into the dough.

 A butter sponge cake made to resemble the white plaster walls of Saiki the castle town. We represented the dignified and calm appearance of the white plaster wall road with carefully selected, richly flavorful ingredients and a moist texture. A simple and luxurious sweet that is perfect for a refined tea time.

 A union of madeleine, the popular staple of the Western confectionery shop “Cachou” in Yufu city, Oita prefecture, and Umeda’s specialty ginjo-an bean jam. A pairing of the two shops’ flagship products, they gently melt together in your mouth to create a new blissful flavor.

 A first-rate dora-yaki featuring lots of gleaming bean paste wrapped in a specialty chewy dough made with rice flour. The bean paste is cooked with a superb softness that lets you enjoy the texture of the beans.


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